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Tune In to The Doctors TV Show Thursday, Nov 21st

November 20th, 2013 at 10:07 am by Diane Rich

How to Assess your Pet’s Health

I received an email about a topic on the show, The Doctors that will air tomorrow and wanted to give my readers a heads up about this segment.  If you cannot watch or record the program you can access it via

A Veterinarian demonstrates on Dr. Travis Stork’s very relaxed dog how to check a dog’s pulse, how to check for lumps and bumps and shows the viewer a few other easy to do at home exams on your pet.  I viewed the segment and thought the information was easy to understand and something every pet owner can do at home.

At home health checks should be done weekly on your pet and if you see or feel anything that seems unusual or wasn’t there the previous week it is time to see your Veterinarian.  Home health checks are not suggested to be done to avoid paying for an office visit which is why many pet owners delay making an appointment, but to compliment the expertise your Veterinarian who contributes to the overall health of your beloved pet. If your pet will not a willing participant for these home health checks contact your local trainer to teach the dog in a positive way how to relax and enjoy the at home exam and also educate you how to relax giving one.
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About The Doctors THE DOCTORS is an Emmy® Award-winning daily,  nationally syndicated series airing in over 200 markets.  Featuring Travis Stork, M.D., Andrew P. Ordon, M.D., F.A.C.S., James M. Sears, M.D., and  recurring co-hosts Jennifer Ashton, M.D., Jennifer Berman, M.D., Rachael Ross,  M.D., PhD. and Ian K. Smith, M.D., THE DOCTORS offers viewers a reliable source of fascinating health and wellness advice. Taped in front of an audience in  Hollywood, The Doctors is produced by Stage 29 Productions and distributed by  CBS Television Distribution. Jay McGraw, Carla Pennington, Patricia Ciano, Jeff Hudson and Dr. Phil McGraw are executive producers. CBS Television Distribution  is the preeminent company in worldwide television syndication. For additional  information on THE DOCTORS, now in its sixth season, please visit

Dogs Seek out Bed Bugs

April 25th, 2012 at 6:04 pm by Diane Rich

Via The Doctors, Daytime Talk Show
I was contacted to share this with my readers.

Summer vacation season is quickly approaching, which can mean exciting trips to warmer climates, new adventures, foods…and a higher risk of bringing home some unexpected souvenirs—bed bugs! Pest control for these hard-to-get-rid-of insects has more than doubled since 2000, since they can go months without a meal (human blood!), and they are hard to detect.

The hosts of the Emmy Award-winning syndicated daytime talk show THE DOCTORS can help your readers find relief from bed bugs with the assistance of a few canine species. On Thursday, April 24, one pest control company specializing in bed bugs shows THE DOCTORS how dogs – especially dachshunds and beagles – can help seek out bed bugs. With more than 225 million scent receptors, these dogs can smell all stages of infestation.

See below for a clip demonstrating this feat by one adorable pup.

Tips: “don’t let the bed bugs bite!”·

Detect them – Bed bugs love small cracks and crevices. Check even the screw holes in your bed frame to see if you have a bed bug problem.· Prevent them – Get rid of all cardboard boxes in the house and switch to plastic for storage.·
Remove them – Make sure to vacuum on a regular basis, as bed bugs can often be found in warm spaces like grooves in a carpet or rug.·
Overheat – If you detect bed bugs on sheets or clothing, throw the fabric in the dryer first, then wash the items and dry them again.

To view the clip, please click on the following link:

Diane Rich Dog Training, LLC


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